“People should be happy in the 1/3 (or more) of their lives that they spend working.”

That is the philosophy that guides Randi when working with candidates. So, whether you’re looking for an opportunity in the creative, marketing, advertising, or PR world or you’re ready to take on a new administrative, office management, human resources, or corporate role, when you work with us, you’re working with more than just a recruiter.

From reviewing your resume and finding out about your interests outside of the office to talking you through salary expectations, our team will act as your coach, career advisor, and advocate. The goal is to make sure that your skills, talent, and personality shine through as we match you with the right opportunity. That way, when you accept a role with one of our clients, you’re accepting a role where you are confident you’ll be happy. That’s why so many of our current candidates are referrals from past placements!

Life is a journey…so is your career. Reach out to us today to get started on the path to career happiness.